Ray Owen has played music longer than even he thinks.

Having first mastered the radio as a child, he soon moved on to become accomplished in the rich and varied forms of traditional American music and the rousing stories they tell. From this springboard, he has gone on to establish himself as a national recording artist, award-winning songwriter and successful children’s entertainer with his captivating and truly “kid-tested” style.

Armed with a classic array of musical instruments, Ray moves easily from guitar and harmonica, to banjo and concertina to accompany his rich vocals, then strides to center stage to capture the hearts of children with endearing characters that reach out like a warm loving hug. Amidst his sumptuous supply of rousing songs and rib-tickling stories, Ray’s theatrical surprises and dramatic delivery enchant and delight, pulling you into a world of fun.

Truly a “road scholar,” Ray’s travels have taken him from Camden, Maine to Key West, Florida; Los Angeles, California to Long Island, New York; and tours throughout Europe. He has performed with such notables as Pete Seeger, Garth Brooks and Bob Hope, as well as many other major acts.

Ray’s latest album achieved national airplay from San Francisco to New York following its review in Billboard magazine in which it was “predicted to chart” and proclaimed a “recommended album of superior quality.” Subsequently, the album was selected by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as a candidate for GRAMMY nomination.

This growing recognition has led to his appearances at numerous colleges and concert halls, various national festivals, hundreds of elementary and secondary schools, and countless libraries. Ray has made repeated network television appearances and today continues to receive regular radio airplay from both his live concert performances and current album releases.

Ray is an award-winning songwriter. The Pennsylvania Festival Association recently named him Pennsylvania Songwriter of the Year for his compelling original songs. He has been a winner in The Mid-Atlantic Song Contest every year since its inception and subsequently was honored at The Superstar Showcase. Ray was a prize winner in The Music Factory Songwriting Competition and also the prestigious American Song Festival, an international competition. He was cited by Flip Black, Director of Creative Services on the American Song Festival, “for excellence in creative writing, technical skill and talent in composition.” The Music City Song Festival in Nashville, Tennessee, awarded him an honorable mention the same year. As a winner of the Bronze T.V. Award in The Hollywood Song Jubilee, Ray’s song was produced into video and aired nationally. Treat yourself to a truly versatile performer – a children’s entertainer whose highly interactive performances, engaging vocal style, and infectious blend of songs, stories, humor, cultural heritage and theater, continue to captivate young audiences across the country.


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