8 Great Heritage Shows For Kids of All Ages

Ray Owen surrounded by numerous hats from various historical periods while playing guitar, harmonica and banjo

“Hats Off to America”A Musical Journey Through History Celebrating Our Cultural Heritage

Travel on down through the music and social studies curriculum on a tuneful American adventure that embraces songs, stories, history, heritage, humor and theater. Take along twenty period hats and a few jam-packed bookbags brimming with instruments – you can bet a guitar and banjo, a concertina and lots of harmonicas just might come in handy over terrain that abounds in rousing sing-alongs and wide-eyes surprises. Come and string along with a crew of colorful characters that step right out of history and onto the stage, pulling you into a world of fun. For More Information (PDF)

Old MacDonald’s Farm Heritage Show

A tuneful tribute to the American farmer celebrating farm life, the good earth and old fashioned country living – a true harvest of the heart, embracing a bountiful blend of songs, stories and family fun.

Ray Owen in farming clothes holding a banjo

Ray Owen in frontier clothing, playing guitar and harmonica, depicting Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone

Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone

A rich motherlode of frontier ballads, tall tales, mountain minstrel music and side-splitting stories that’ll take you pioneering over terrain that abounds in rousing sing-alongs and wide-eyed surprises, back to the untamed wilderness.

Casey Jones and the Great American Railroad

Hop on the Wabash Cannonball and hobo down the line with Old Casey Jones on the Great American Railroad – let’s shovel on more coal and rattle ‘n roll to those boxcar ballads, high-spirited hobo tunes and freight train blues.

Ray Owen playing guitar in railroad attire


Ray Owen holding a banjo in civil war era costumes


Let Freedom Ring!
The Revolutionary to the Civil War Era

Between the campfires of Valley Forge and the roar of the cannons at Gettysburg, a great nation and some of the most memorable American music was born. Experience the rousing ballads, stirring stories and stouthearted songs that inspired a nation to greatness.

Ramblin’ Ray’s Wild West Show

Hit the trail with America’s favorite folk hero, the cowboy – the bronc ridin’, cow punchin’, gun totin’, Prince of the Plains. Hey, buckeroos, let’s round up some bunk-house ballads ‘n wrangle a few West Texas tunes, then hightail it back to the campfire to cut loose some tall tales sagebrush stories and prairie poems. Why pardner, we’ll corral a thundering herd of unbridled fun!

Ray Owen in cowboy attire
Ray Owen in overalls holding a giant guitar and harmonica posing in a magical swirl of music notes and piano keys

The Song Imagineer

All aboard! for a whirlwind tour through some of the most creative, zany and downright hilarious songs dreamed up anywhere down the line. Take an unforgettable adventure with award-winning songwriter, Ray Owen—the “Song Imagineer,” who will warm your heart by firing your imagination with a boxcar full of comic songs, rib-tickling one-liners and sumptuous stories. Imagine that!

The Song Buccaneer

Sail on down through a world filled with pirates, islands, sea life, and beaches—ships, sailors, and mythical creatures on a seafaring adventure awash with rollicking sea songs, rousing stories and rib-tickling tails. Come aboard and discover a treasure-trove of wide-eyed fun—Argh!
Ray Owen in pirate clothes

Animal Odyssey

Explore the animal kingdom on a tuneful adventure teeming with sea creatures, tree beasts, farm animals and frolicking fauna. Come journey through a land of rousing songs, down a river of rollicking stories, through a rolling valley of wide-eyed surprises to a sea of kids comedy. Featured highlights include a great farm animal impersonation competition – a zany Chicken Karaoke contest for kids!

Sports and Recreation Fun Show

Team up with Coach Ray Owen for a field day of songs, stories and side-splitting comedy that celebrates sports and recreation – zany games and summer fun. Get in the game and be a player on a team that energizes the body, fires the imagination and rallies the spirit!

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